Donde estamos?

Shiroles, Talamanca, COSTA RICA

Core Areas


  • protect the cultural identity of the indigenous women
  • revive the cultural practices
  • preserve the Bribri language
  • knowledge and use of medicinal plants
  • respect nature and the elders
  • respect the traditionalof the Bribri woman as the bearer of the cultural heritage within the organization of the traditional clans


  • Promote activities for an overall health through the education of women in issues of well-being
  • Improve the quality of an access to health service
  • Promote campaigns about how to handle solid waste at home and in the community


  • Practical education taking into account the various special cultures
  • Manage the capital of scholarships to allow academical preparation of men and women
  • Activities to improve the coverage and quality of education in the Indian territories


  • Enhance the quantity and quality of production and artisanal industrialization of cacao using an appropriate treatment of harvest products based on cultural knowledge
  • Promote campaigns to raise awareness for the appropriate use of the land
  • Support the use of traditional forms of cultivation and techniques for the exploitation of the land
  • Create the start-up capital for the sustainability and diversification of the agricultural production


  • Use of natural resources which favour conservation
  • Use of traditional laws related to natural resources
  • Raise awareness for the necessary preservation of nature for next generations


  • Enable and innovate the development of women
  • Respect the rights of women
  • Actions against the disrimination and exploitation of women
  • Education against domestic violence
  • Include women in decision-making (national and international politics)