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Shiroles, Talamanca, COSTA RICA

Tour Tsirutami



One of our objectives is to share our culture with national and foreign tourists through the Tsirutami Tour (tsirutami is the Bribri word for  "cocoa masters"), in which we share the story of the different stages the cocoa passes through, from planting to making handmade chocolate.



Tsiru (cocoa) is one of the pillars of our culture. From it we are fed (chocolate), we live (from the sales) and it is used in our ceremonies. For centuries we have taken care of it and we live in a respectful way with the environment - in equlibrium with nature.

Tour Structures and Topics


  • Story of ACOMUITA
  • History, mission, vision and objectives of the organization
  • A woman's role
  • History of the Bribri Indigenous Territory
  • ACOMUITA's role in the indigenous territory

Visit to a traditional farm

  • walk to a farm
  • Explanation about the management of a traditional Talamancan farm: agroecological system, the farm as a supermarket benefits (economic, environmental and cultural)
  • Explanation of the demonstration plot
  • Differences in management and use of grfted plants
  • Activities on the cocoa farm
  • Different stages in the growth o cocoa
  • Illnesses and pests that attac the crop
  • Explanation of the harvesting, fermenting and drying process (demonstration of splitting the pods)
  • Cocoa's importance in the culture
  • Story of cocoa from the indigenious worldview
  • Use of cocoa in ceremonias

Tsirushka chocolate business

  • Start-up of the business, mission and vision
  • Rescuing cocoa's cultural value
  • Business activities  and products

Workshop on making chocolate

  • Demonstration of roasting cocoa
  • Process of breaking the beans
  • Traditional drying of cocoa
  • Demonstration of grinding cocoa
  • Tasting a cup of chocolate and presentation of ACOMUITA products

Estimated time: 3 hours, adapted to the needs and time requirements of the group